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Green ISP
Service Provider macaddy writes... I'm thinking you're looking for something like LAMP?

Linux Apache MySQL PHP ? Why on earth would he need all that just to 'install' his PHP application (eg: forums) on an existing server.
PreDOMiNanT (Graham W) writes... Any thoughts or ideas

I've never come across any in my travels, and they are generally just a bunch of scripts that execute the chmods, mkdirs etc.. for people that dont have shell access, or have no/limited idea when it comes to the linux CLI. In the past we have created similar ones for clients from scratch and they aren't that hard. Can be tedious though as there can be a lot of testing required depending on what libraries your application requires.

My opinion would be to talk to a developer (or in house if you have the skills available) to create one yourself, or (might be painful though) try and pull apart an existing one, like Wordpress etc.. I&…

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